We live in a very fast paced world. Sometimes we fail to cope up and in return feel dejected. This dejection leads to development of stress or negative thoughts in our mind. Due to clogging of our mind, we sometimes do not consider it important to take care of our body. Over a period of time, all this toxicity is stored in our body which leads to inefficiency or not feeling content or satisfied in all the activities we perform. Hence, it is necessary to flush out all the toxins when they reach the brim.


An Ayurvedic steam treatment which offers relief from toxic accumulation, poor circulation and low energy is Swedana. Ayurveda teaches that a steam sauna following an Ayurvedic massage (Abhyanga) not only improves the absorption of medicated oils used during the massage but also helps eliminate toxins from deep within the tissues (Ama). It also aids circulation, promotes suppleness and flexibility, calms the mind, nourishes the nervous system and pacifies Vata. However, Ayurveda also teaches that it is very important for your head to remain cool during a sauna or you can aggravate Pitta and may damage your nervous system-hence the special Ayurvedic sit-in-sauna!


Swedana provides all round calming of our body. It eliminates physical as well as mental toxins. It is very instrumental in treating physical aches such as back pain or joint pain as Swedana reduces the strain on our body and hence all the bodily organs which are hampered due to various reasons. Swedana also helps in treating mental as well as neurological disorders such as different kinds of palsies.

Get in touch with Ayurveda Health Clinic to get rid of all kinds of disorders with the help of Swedana-a beautiful treatment which will calm your senses and you will be able to live a very soothing life.