Pain or aches are a part and parcel of life in 21st century. The kind of lifestyle we lead has resulted in having bad postures, not getting right amount of exercise and ignoring the importance of a balanced diet. This has resulted in increased and severe amount of disorders that we face in our day-to-day life. Ayurveda has and will endorse a healthy lifestyle in spite of the massive changes in the living conditions. At Ayurved Health Clinic we consider all round development and hence take actions which help you in a whole-some way. Pindasweda is just one of them.


Pindasweda involves the therapeutic application of heat with a medicated herbal ‘bolus’. It may be applied to the whole body or more locally, depending upon the condition. It may also be applied ‘dry’ or ‘oily’, depending on the condition. An oily Pindasweda involves the application of medicated oils to the skin before massaging with the herbal bolus. A dry Pindasweda skips this step. The measurable benefit you will experience for the treatment in a chronic or long-standing condition such as arthritis depends on the severity of the condition. Ideally 5-10 treatments sessions are recommended for maximum results-but you will begin to feel the benefits after just one treatment.


Pindasweda is a very relaxing and a very uplifting treatment. You may feel more energetic afterwards or you may feel like having a lie down, depending on your condition and whether you have a dry or oil treatment. You should also feel instant relief in your area of stiffness/pain/inflammation. However, for best results, you may need several treatments. Pindasweda offers immediate and lasting relief from pain and inflammation. This massage can relieve conditions including arthritis, stiffness and swelling of the joints, cellulite, obesity and muscle pain. It also glows the skin and can also be considered as a beauty enhancing treatment.