OBESITY – Weight Loss

Who doesn’t want to be in shape?

Obesity is a result of ignorance towards the health of the body and sedentary lifestyle. Obesity is not a disease but a condition where weight gain & accumulation of fat of a person is reached at a level that it has started affecting their health, circulatory system, respiratory system, skeletal muscle strength and sleep.

Obesity can be related with disorder called as ‘Sthoulya’ or ‘Medoroga’ according to Ayurveda. In this disorder due to excessive deposition of fat, there is obstruction of Vata dosha. This Vata dosha remains in the GI tract and results in increasing the digestion power of the body. Hence the person starts eating more & more. It results in more fat deposition resulting in obstruction of Vata dosha. But in such cases, proper nourishment of the body does not take place. Only deposition of fats takes place resulting in various diseases as complications due to Obesity.

What are the causes of Obesity according to Ayurveda?

  1. Continuous indulgence of high fat diet, fried food items, meats etc.
  2. Sedentary lifestyle
  3. No exercising
  4. Sleeping during day time

Signs & Symptoms

  1. Deposition of fat especially at Abdomen, Buttocks or Chest region.
  2. Fatigue, Breathlessness on exertion
  3. Excessive sweating
  4. Excessive hunger or thirst


Obesity may lead to many serious health problems such as:

  1. Type 2 Diabetes
  2. Hypertension
  3. High cholesterol levels
  4. Stroke
  5. Depression
  6. Sexual health issues
  7. Infertility etc.


Line of treatment according to Ayurveda

At Ayurved Health Clinic, treatment is given to cut down excessive fat, to correct the irregular metabolism & for detoxification of the body.

  1. Massage with medicated oils
  2. Massage with dry herbal powders

These 2 procedures help in reduction of fat.

  1. Panchakarma procedures such as Vaman, Virechana, Basti etc.
  2. Strict diet management

Diet & Lifestyle management


  1. Eating hot, fresh and organic foods
  2. Including Honey, Ginger, Fenugreek seeds, Cumin in regular diet
  3. Ragi, Bajra, Jowar, Wheat, Pulses such as Horse gram etc in regular diet. Replace refined flour with whole wheat flour.
  4. Drinking hot water
  5. Regular Exercises such as Suryanamaskar, Yoga etc


  1. High Carbohydrate diet such as polished rice, Potatoes etc
  2. Oily, fried foods, processed foods, fatty foods like cheese, butter, yogurt etc
  3. Refined flour, fermented foods, Meats etc
  4. Sleeping at Day time
  5. Smoking & Alcohol intake


Contact Ayurved Health Clinic and get rid of your obesity permanently and lead a happy and healthy life ensuring smooth functioning of the body.