Child Development

Child development is a continuous process of biological, psychological and emotional development of children from birth till the end of adolescence. According to age the progress of children is predictable but its course is unique for every child. Developmental changes are influenced by genetics, environmental factors, some pre-natal factors etc. Parents play a major role in Child’s life, socialization and development.

Child development through Ayurveda

Ayurved has been explained in 8 branches; hence it is called ‘Ashtang Ayurved’. Out of these 8 branches ‘Kaumarbhritya’ is a branch which exclusively deals Paediatrics i.e. with maintenance of health and treatment of various diseases from birth of a child till adolescence.

According to intake of food from birth, 3 stages have been stated in Ayurved such as Ksheerada [child consuming only Milk], Ksheerannada [child consuming Milk and Food] and Annada [child consuming Food items].

In Ksheerada stage [Up to 1 Yr], Breast Milk should be the main source of food for the child. Mother’s milk is the best immunity booster for the child in this stage. Mother should adopt methods which will help in increasing the quality and quantity of the breast milk. Many medicines are mentioned in Ayurved which enhances the Lactation such as Shatavari Kalpa along with Milk. After 6 months of age, liquid food items such as fresh fruit juices, rice gruel, and mild soups made from pulses, ragi could be started as a 1 time food for the child.

Ksheerannada stage [6 months- 2 Yrs] can be considered when eruption of teeth starts. In this stage; rice gruel, boiled and mashed vegetables, pulses, ragi, wheat etc. can be started. According to Ayurved, children can suffer through many diseases such as loose motions, Fever, Emesis etc. during teeth eruption. These symptoms get cured generally as the eruption of teeth takes place. Many medicines are given in Ayurved for such diseases to reduce discomfort of children.

Annada stage [Up to 12 Yrs.] in this period maximum physical, psychological and emotional growth of the child takes place. Various medicines have been described in Ayurved which helps in increasing weight, height, immunity and intelligence such as Chyavanprash, Arvindasava etc.

Many herbs have been mentioned in Ayurved which are memory enhancers, helpful in clear speech, immunity enhancers etc such as Brahmi, Shankhapushpi, Vacha etc.

Apart from physical and mental development of children, Ayurved has mentioned many disorders which a child may face. Also Ayurved has apt answers for such conditions.

According to Ayurved, our body is constituted by 3 main Dosha, Vata, Pitta and Kapha. At the time of conception, predominant dosha present in egg or sperm result in formation of Prakriti of the child. So health, immunity, digestion etc differs according to Prakriti in each child. So, first assessing our child constitution is very important for e.g. Kapha dominant child may not get as hungry as a pitta dominant child, Vata/Pitta Prakriti children are never quiet or steady as compared to Kapha Prakriti child etc.

Line of treatment according to Ayurveda

Assessment of Prakriti, Child’s constitution, Immunotherapy, Memory boosting treatment etc. these treatments are provided at Ayurved Health Clinic.

    Diet and Lifestyle management


  1. Eat fresh, hot, organic foods
  2. Drinking fresh juices, hot milk
  3. Exercise, playing in open area/ground etc.
  4. In case of Constipation, offer raisins or Figs at night
  5. To improve Digestion, candied ginger, fennel are very useful in Gas.
  6. In Vata dominant children, intake of Ghee [clarified butter] is extremely useful
  7. In Pitta dominant children, candied Amla, organic rose petal spread is very useful
  8. In Kapha dominant children, dry ginger powder along with Hot milk is very useful
  9. Application of Coconut oil to scalp every night before sleeping is very useful for children
  10. Shatavari Kalpa, Chyavanprash, Sarasvatarishtam, Drakshasava etc. are some of the Rasayana medications which are very useful in physical and mental development of a child.



  1. Eating heavy to digest foods such as Yogurt, Cheese, Peanut butter, Fermented foods, Meats etc. regularly
  2. Processed baby foods, aerated drinks, artificial food colours, food additives etc.
  3. Junk food, Stale, fermented, fatty food intake
  4. Over eating
  5. Continuous watching television, laptop etc.

Your child is your most valuable treasure. That is why, its development across different fields should be considered as certain actions should be taken. At Ayurved Health Clinic, we can work as a team and shape a beautiful life for your child.